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Jeff Duntemann's ContraPositive Diary

Contrarian. Positive in Outlook. Independent. Published Since 1998.

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Jeff Duntemann
29 June
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I am a writer and editor with a technological bent and a contrarian frame of mind. I've written twelve books of my own (counting significantly revised editions) and twenty-odd in collaboration with other authors. I've edited three magazines targeted at programmers: Turbo Technix (owned by Borland), PC Techniques, and Visual Developer; all, alas, now defunct. Since 1993 I've been a book editor, first with The Coriolis Group, a company I co-founded in 1989; and most recently with Paraglyph Press. I've been a professionally published SF writer since 1974, but my first SF novel was published only recently, in 2005.

This blog on LiveJournal is a fairly recent mirror of a blog that predates the word "blog" and dates back to 1998. See www.contrapositivediary.com. ContraPositive Diary was not the first blog ever published, but I came up with the idea independently as a means to promote my magazine.

I live very happily with my wife Carol (whom I met in high school in 1969) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the slopes of Cheyenne Mountain. We have two bichon frise dogs, and me, well, I have entirely too many tube sockets.

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