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February 2019



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Odd Lots


Firefox's PDF renderer has problems with multi-lingual PDFs (or maybe it wasn't happy with the 30+ pages of three columns per page with many interspersed graphics). OTOH, it is aware of this, and puts a bar at the top "this PDF may not be displaying correctly" and a button which says "use another PDF reader", and it will open the file whatever reader was set as default for prior Firefox installs.


But...if you're in Napa, wouldn't it be cheaper to dunk them in the Pacific?

I'm not a wine expert, but I imagine the water temperature has something to do with it. The Atlantic at Charleston is warmer than the Pacific off California due to the offshore Gulf Stream.

Bill Cherepy

camel score

There were a couple of dozen comments on the post. And I was the first one to say What's most important is that everyone in the shop do it the same way. That's way more important than which you choose.
They say the most vicious and interminable fights occur in college faculty interdepartmental politics.

I suspect this is because the stakes are so low and it's very unclear who's winning.

This camel-case mess looks like a similar fight.

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camelcase vs underscores

Who says anything about a fight? It's not because something is being discussed that it is a fight.

Re: camelcase vs underscores

I guess you don't read the same forums that I read, heh.

Re: camelcase vs underscores

PascalCase! :)


Item crossed off bucket list:

34. Get mentioned in Odd Lots.

:-) Thanks.

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