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April 2018



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Odd Lots


The again, there may not be a placebo effect.

Except...I've seen it. In me.

That site is hardly what I call unbiased, but the kicker is that I've seen the effect at work in myself. I don't want to believe it--but I refuse to put my foot down, adopt what we now call a "skeptic's" stance, and deny noisily that it actually happened.

It did. It was weird. I won't lie to myself and say it was an illusion.

Re: Except...I've seen it. In me.

It was the best write up I could find in the five minutes I allowed myself. I had recalled reading a detailed history of the placebo effect, and the layers of a reference to a reference to ... a single flawed paper with everyone just assuming it was there because everyone believed it was there.

I'm quite dubious on the existence of the placebo effect. I'm not at all dubious on 'sometimes things just get better on their own'.

Re: Except...I've seen it. In me.

They do. Which is good, or I wouldn't still be here. However...

Flash back to 1995. Having read something silly in a stupid book I no longer have, I chose one out of ten or twelve skin tags on my carcass, put my finger firmly over it, and told it to go away. Three weeks later it was gone. All the others are still there, after eighteen years. (Except for a couple I had a surgeon remove because they were in unusually bad spots.) I tried to do it again after I had boggled about it for a few weeks, and it didn't work. I've tried it every few years since then, without any success. The difference? All I can figure is this: The first time I had an open mind. After that, because I knew it was impossible, it became impossible.

Or something.

Re: Except...I've seen it. In me.

Or that tag just decided to fall off. I've had a couple do that, and others that didn't.

Not that I expect to convert you.

Re: Except...I've seen it. In me.

No. The one thing I simply cannot accept is a vanishingly unlikely coincidence. The explanation remains unknown. Perhaps unknowable. I'm good with that.