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August 2019



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A Letter from NCTUE

Carol and I got a letter this afternoon from the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE), a subsidiary of Equifax based in Atlanta. As best I can tell (I've never heard of it before today) the NCTUE is a way for phone companies and utility companies to exchange data on deadbeat customers, so that when a guy who owes three grand to the phone company moves to another state, the phone company there can examine his application with a more critical eye and possibly deny the account. In that it's a lot like a conventional credit reporting firm, albeit a vertical-market one.

The letter was very plain, not on any sort of letterhead, and relatively crude by my standards. (I could have set up a mail merge like that using a spreadsheet twenty years ago.) It did not come with a glossy explanatory flyer, as I would expect. The key message in the letter is this: According to Colorado law, a consumer reporting agency (like NCTUE) is required to send a free report to consumers who receive either:

  • Eight credit inquiries (no indication of a timeframe) from a telecom or utility firm; or
  • A single report that adds negative information to someone's NCTUE file.

To receive a "free disclosure copy" of our report, it suggests that we either call the number 1-866-349-5185 or fill out the bottom third of the letter sheet and send it to:

Exchange Service Center - NCTUE
PO Box 105161
Atlanta GA 30348

The phone number is a robot that immediately asks for your social security number, and provides no option to speak to a human being. The sheet requires your social security number and date of birth, along with a signature. Needless to say, they're not getting it. Carol and I have an autopay system for all telecom/utility payments, and we keep the autopay account well-stoked. Our use is fairly predictable, and nothing has changed in a long time. The account has plenty of money in it, and no bills have failed to be paid on time. (We checked.)

Interestingly, the NCTUE Web site is not accessible right now. When I try to go to nctue.com, I get a "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" message. What this suggests is that NCTUE is engaging in some shady marketing. If they recently dumped several million of these letters in the mail, their web site may well not be able to handle the traffic. I doubt that we got the letter because of some mistake in our own payment management. I'm guessing that gazillions of people got the same letter, and they all arrived today, and everybody is trying to go up there at once and see WTF is going on.

Either that, or they've pissed off enough people to earn a DDOS attack...but somehow I doubt it.

It's unclear what NCTUE is trying to sell, and I'll keep investigating. I'm guessing Equifax (their parent company) is trying to hawk some kind of credit protection plan, but since I won't hand them my SS number, it's hard to tell. In the meantime, I'd be interested in hearing if you've received this letter and what, if anything, you've done in response.

UPDATE 3/11/2012: One thing I forgot to ask people to mention in their comments: Are you in Colorado? I'm trying to determine if this effort on NCTUE's part (whatever it turns out to be) depends on some quirk in Colorado law, or if it's national in scope.

Also, read my next entry, for 3/11/2012!




I received the same letter this week (March/2012), and was also unable to access their website. I am trying to get more detailed information. NCTUE is reportedly owned and operated by its member utilities, with Equifax running the operation and data base behind the scenes. It appears this shady group was created by the utilities to get around the federal FCRA reporting requirements.


I got one too. 03/10/12. Looked them up on Google. Found you. Probably marketing.


Another site says they are also robo calling. Asking for your SS#.


NCTUE letter

You got to be joking! I get a free report if I send my SS and genuine signature...Wow, that's a really great deal!

Whoever this comes from are imbeciles.

Unfortunately, a good few people are going to fall for this.


I received the same letter today (3/10). All my accounts are auto-pay. So, I have the same questions and comments. No way are they getting information.


A letter from NCTUE

I also received the same letter on 4/27. I called the number and ordered a free disclosure copy of the data report. I live in Loveland Colorado. I will let you know what comes of it. I hope I'm not sorry...


NCTUE At it again!

I just received the same letter. Yep, their website is still not working. When I phoned it asked for my social security number right off the bat. Thats when I started searching and apparently no one knows who this is. BBB even said it looks like the company is real, but they wouldn't give anyone their ss #. It looks like it goes around and around , there is another entry I saw from 2015 in Southern Colorado. I am in Littleton, CO.
-They are still using post cards.