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October Beach

On our way back home to Colorado, and we ended our second day on the road at Ogallala, Nebraska, just south of Lake McConaghy. We hadn't intended to go to the lake—it's October, after all—but it was 88° when we hit town at 4 PM. So what the hell; it's just a few miles up the road to the south shore.

And it was beautiful; nay, it's a sort of Red State Paradise, even a Poor Man's Hawaii. We didn't have our beach bag and thus our digital probe thermometer, but I'm guesstimating that the water was 78° or thereabouts. Had we had suits with us we would have been up to our necks, but even though the beach was deserted for miles in either direction, nudity is still illegal, and we had to content ourselves with running the puppies up and down the sand. More than once we had to haul Aero bodily out of the water or he would have been happily paddling, which is at total variance with our Bichon experience: Mr. Byte and Chewy would not willingly enter water. (QBit is much more ambivalent about water, but he'll follow Aero if he senses that fun is being had somewhere.) We certainly won't get any more stateside beach time in before next summer—though we're overdue for some sort of tropical vacation—and 2007's beach season went out in fine, fine style.

Not much more to report. I've got a list of things as long as my arm to do once we get home, the most important of which is Volume 4 of Carl and Jerry. And boy, I miss my own bed.

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